Finding Lines at the Marina

Linked to The Daily’s weekly photo challenge! This week’s theme is “lines.”


I went this weekend to the Berkeley and Emeryville marinas and noticed all sorts of lines. 20180429-DSC01360

Here’s the skyline of San Francisco. You can see the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and Salesforce tower. The hills and buildings of San Francisco build a striking line, which for me holds so many memories.



There’s also the lines/strings from kites at Caesar Chavez Park.


The straight lines of the masts of the boats, as well as the curve of the Emeryville harbor.


As well as fishing lines! My sister and I popped by to see her boyfriend, who captured two halibut. It’s rare for ones large enough to keep to come so far into the Bay – they have to be at least 22 inches before you’re allowed to keep it and cook it for dinner.


This last picture doesn’t have any discernible lines besides the airplane, but I still loved the image. Seeing it like this reminds me of The Wind Rises.


All shot on my Sony a6300 with an 55-210mm f4.5-6.3 lens.

Thanks for looking!


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